W H A T    I S     T H E    B I O S Y N E R G Y    ?

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Biosynergie : Version française
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[Biosynergie : 
Version française]
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      • Bio = Life
      • SYNERGY = Which acts with; who accompanies

Biosynergy  is a group of relaxation techniques offered by experts in relaxation, members of Synerme organization and trained exclusively by the "Institut pratique de créativité et de relaxation" : ISTOR.
Only the certified experts have the right to use this term which is a trademark. Several schools created by experts trained in biosynergy gave rise to a new method :  "BIOSYNERGETIC" which is also a trade mark.

BIOSYNERGY is a teaching of the greater well-being,
- which causes in us the awakening of the forces of Life,
- which proposes each one a path towards greater
 Consciousness, Creativity and  Joy.
- based on: relaxation, the Vittoz method,
  breathing and yoga.

Based on simple common sense techniques,  it quickly becomes


What does  BIOSYNERGY bring you?

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Who can benefit from       BIOSYNERGY ?

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Tools used in BIOSYNERGY

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7 steps to live again

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Formation in "BIOSYNERGETIC"

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The BIOSYNERGY  makes it possible to learn:
   - to face the daily stresses
   - to eliminate, then to avoid physical, emotional and mental tensions
   - to live the present, " here and now "
   - to relax.
   - to have better self-knowledge
   - to be well in your body
   - to trust others
   - to overcome anxiety
   - to develop capacity of concentration;
     " attention without tension "
   - to develop memory.
   - To have a more positive fundamental attitude towards the Life.
   - to develop creativity : TO FULFILL ONESELF.

Who can benefits from BIOSYNERGY ?

Each and everyone can take interest in this teaching as it makes possible to effectively face the stresses of the everyday life.

" Nothing in the past can be changed. Remorse is not useless. Only lessons are to be kept from the past with the will to improve in the future. "

Dr. Vittoz

Tools used in BIOSYNERGY  :

The choice of a combination of these elements varies from one individual to another, but always relates to all the aspects of personality, (physiological, emotional and mental), aiming at their harmonization.

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YOGA, LINK movement-breath


The deep relief obtain by relaxation makes it possible one to recover one's energies, to revitalize one's nervous system and all its functions.
Several themes are offered:
- some call upon imagination, creative thought, the mental image (transformation of the self image  through the " awaken sleep "  this state of deep relaxation while aware is sometime called " Alpha state ").
- others favor feeling.


This method aims at restoring cerebral control while developing:

- receptivity, feelings,
- will
- concentration (" attention without tension ") by giving back each one the control of their conscious brain.

Awareness promotes consciousness to be present with the world. To rehabilitate attachments with the present, dissipates cerebral vagrancy, obsessions and anxiety.

It is psycho-sensory rehabilitation.

Cerebral control gives us back a hold on ideas, impressions or feelings
who are then controlled by the reason, the judgement, the will.


To breathe, it is to live.
Breathing revitalizes the body, calms the emotions and brings great mental clarity.

The prana is the element : air which catalizes. It is a subtle energy which acts like yeast in flour to raise the bread.


The passage of  reflex breathing  to conscious breathing, associated
with some postures specifically adapted to the individual, supports controls
emotional and organic.

A coordination of the movement and breath will bring harmony
and  wellbeing that very human seeks.

BIOSYNTHESIS : 7 steps to live again

If you decide to learn this method, you will follow a  7 step program, whose progression was specifically studied to make it possible for each one to go from surviving to striving, and to mobilize energies towards self-realization and greater comfort.

Those few sessions will help you to relax and to increase your self-knowledge.
Find confidence, hope, freedom...

The difference with Sophrology, the subject remains conscious, even when relaxed. He stays Master and actor of his own progression. The teachings give him tools for biosynergic relaxation, which he will later be able to freely enact without depending on its teachings.

 The tools best adapted to the person are selected according to her personality, of her morphopsychology, blood group,  temperament and character.

The contents of a session are structured, personalized, and established according to a topic to live and to experiment.
It is the personal investment of the pupil, the " creative one ", who authorizes the progression of the method.
To help this progression, some very simple exercises are proposed between the meetings. When a topic is suitably tested, it becomes a kind of support for the following topics.

There is nothing you can't do, there is only things you don't learn to do...



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Directory of the biosynergists

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